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You are passionate about software. Software is what makes you tick. Perhaps, you were already making your first applications when you were young. Growing older and studying Computer Science at a University, throughout your career you learned more on Java technologies, software architecture, n-tier applications and client- and server sides. You gained experience handling SQL databases, like ORACLE and worked with the PL/SQL tool. Furthermore, you dove into Application Servers, like Tomcat and Glassfish, and perhaps many others.

You like to keep up to date on latest trends and technologies. Therefore, the following list does not scare you, but makes you curious:

  • J2EE, RMI, Swing, JDBC, J2SE, JSF, Ajax, XML, Web Services;
  • Visual C++, MFC, Visual Studio;
  • Android, Titanium Appcelerator, Objective-C, HTML5, GWT, Vaadin;
  • Aspect-oriented programming, profiling Java application;
  • JUnit, ANT, SVN, Jenkins, Hudson

How many did you know? And how many more did you Google? Did you like learning more about these technologies? And share what you know with others?

Your professional future @ ABS

You’ll join a large and challenging software development department from the worldwide leader in textile care and rental specific software. You will be given the opportunity of learning everything on different Java Technologies, Android, Visual C++, Oracle, AOP, Java Profiling, Automated Testing, and Jenkins. You are soon to become part of a great team of software specialists at an amazing location in the center of Bucharest.

You just have to say yes and your dreamed professional future will come true.

About ABS

ABS is a software development company founded in 1987. Alongside its longevity, it managed to become a worldwide leader in textile care and rental specific software. Serving over 450 plant operations around the world, the ABSSolute system is used in approximately 40 countries, supporting time zones from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Their central office is in the Netherlands and their development department is in the center of Bucharest.