BuzzJob - Vitamin Software

Vitamin Software is a small, international team working with funded startups and entrepreneurial organisations across 4 continents. We are currently located in 4 countries: Romania, Netherlands, France and the US, and we’re mostly all Romanians.

We are specialized in the lifecycle of fast-paced projects, where one needs to deliver value incrementally (to ease the customer’s pain!) and without being bound to any particular technology. Our focus is not on a particular tech stack and rather on solving the client’s problem in the most efficient possible way.

Date: This event will be held on July 10.
Location: Seneca Anticafe,  Str. Arhitect Ion Mincu 1, București

Job Description

Our company is heavily relying its operations on metrics and on data generated or stored by third party services (eg:, LinkedIn, Google Forms, banking applications, etc). The output of such apps needs to make their way into our internal reporting tool and/or task management system via manual entry using Google Sheets or plain SQL queries.

Occasionally some tasks require gathering additional information to complement existing data (eg: find the LinkedIn profile of one contact)

You are expected to:
● Collect data from existing sources (eg: invoices, bank statements, Google Forms results) and add them to our internal database via Google Sheets entry or SQL
○ Some activities need to occur daily while others are needed on a weekly/monthly basis
○ Tasks follow a well documented workflow
● Improve the existing documentation as the UI and workflow to interact with these systems change
● Extend the database of business contact information we have on file (ie: gather additional information about contacts)

Primary skills needed:
● Committed to hard work
○ We track our working hours using a time tracker and cultivate transparency on what everyone works on
○ We care a lot about how quickly we are able to turn around tasks
● Fast learner - the systems you’ll be interacting with will vary week to week

● Familiar with Google Apps suite (eg: Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google
Forms, etc)
● English proficiency (advanced level)

● Market-level compensation
● Working in a qualified team, where there’s a lot of room to learn and grow
● Flexible schedule
● Flexible workload each week (a minimum of 15h / week is required)
● Work from home 100% of the time or from our informal office when you’re in Bucharest -
Seneca Anticafe
● It never gets boring